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What’s next on the Clubhouse 2019 roadmap

Kurt Schrader

We’re just 3 months into 2019 and it’s already been a busy year here at Clubhouse! In the first quarter, we shipped a bunch of new features and improvements to the Clubhouse web and mobile apps. This included an updated Slack integration that allows users to create new Stories directly from Slack, a new CSV exporter, and new integrations for GitLab and Bitbucket. We also made some smaller improvements to the platform such as adding the ability to react to Story comments with emojis and making it possible to link directly to Story Templates. Finally, just yesterday, we launched enhancements to Navigational Search in Clubhouse to include Epics and Comments.

Looking ahead to the rest of the year (and beyond), we’re committed to making it easier for software teams to work together and, on the whole, make building new products feel more joyful. Here’s what we’re working on:

What we’re working on now

Support for sprints/iterations

Teams who use Agile or SCRUM will love our new Iterations feature. Clubhouse works great for teams using Kanban, and we’re excited to offer first class support for teams who work in cycles with sprints or iterations as well.

Google OAuth

We want to enable teams to start creating together as quickly as possible, and that includes making it super simple for users to log in to Clubhouse and get to work. We will soon be rolling out Google OAuth, meaning any users with a Gmail or G Suite account will be able to sign up and log in to Clubhouse using their Google Account.

Clubhouse for Android

Following the success of Clubhouse for iOS, we’ll be releasing a native Clubhouse app for Android. Previously Android users have been limited to using Clubhouse in mobile web, so we’re really excited to bring an enhanced Clubhouse experience to mobile and tablet devices running Android.

Looking even further ahead

Further down the line, there are other things which we are in earlier stages of exploration on:

  • Reporting: The Clubhouse API has long been the best way to extract data and insights from Clubhouse. While this has worked for teams who have engineering resources to create the scripts they need, we want to make it easier for all users to extract better insights out of reporting throughout Clubhouse itself.
  • Team Focus: We're also exploring how we can better help teams that are collaborating within a shared Workspace, do so more efficiently and with more focus.

If you’d be interested in talking to us about these initiatives, we’d love to hear from you! Click here to join our User Research group.

We always love hearing from our users about what they are interested in. If there are any specific features or improvements that you’d like to see in Clubhouse, please let us know!