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Project management without all the management

Clubhouse is collaborative project management that streamlines and refines your existing workflow. Managing your tasks shouldn't be a task.

Thousands of teams around the world are building software with Clubhouse.

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Fast and powerful to get out of your way

Optimized for speed, Clubhouse is fast to load, incredibly quick to configure and navigate, all so you have more time every day to create.

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Clubhouse provides the ability to work on a task list at the smallest level where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level.John Kodumal, CTO and Co-Founder


By developers, for developers.

Our founders worked on large engineering teams and were frustrated using the popular project management tools that exist today, they created Clubhouse to offer a more enjoyable experience and better alternative for developers.

Markdown support, keyboard shortcuts, deep integration with GitHub, and our well-crafted API enables you to focus on your work and not the tool.

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Clubhouse is built by engineers for engineers. The workflow of the tool fits perfectly - we were able to get set up in less than 15 minutes for a 40 person software team.James Turnbull, CTO


Integrates with the tools that you love

Clubhouse ties into your existing tools, services, and workflow. Get notifications or create a Story in Slack, update the status of a Story with a pull request, preview designs from Figma links, build your own integration with our API, and more.

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Clubhouse provides a complete platform to manage work without the overhead of extra fields and over-customization. The fast platform and powerful API have allowed us to build internal tools that save us hours every week.Shaun VanWeelden, Engineer


Break down silos and enable cross functional work

Great software isn't made in a silo. The tools you use should reflect that. Clubhouse’s UI is simple and lightweight enough that anyone can use it, and flexible enough to support the needs of a scaling software team.

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With Clubhouse we are able to track issues & collaborate successfully across-departments. The team works faster and with less friction because managers & execs can trust the latest information in Clubhouse without interrupting the team.Christine Spang, CTO/Co-founder