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Illustration by Michele Rosenthal

The Clubhouse calendar integration is right on time!


While none of us wants to be ruled by the clock or the calendar, the reality is that — even in the most laid-back of work environments — some tasks necessarily have to happen at a certain time. In order to deliver on time, it helps to have visibility into what needs to be done and when. Though you’ve long been able set due dates on Stories and Epics in Clubhouse, there was never any (easy) way to see them in a list or calendar view.

Now with the Clubhouse Calendar integration, you can now surface all those crucial due dates in your preferred calendar app. Clubhouse offers a range of options; you can simply track your own personal deadlines, add the due dates from select Projects, Epics, and Milestones, or you can surface all the due dates in the entire company.

All you have to do is copy a simple URL and import it into your calendar. Every deadline will be right where you need it, allowing you to prioritize that work and avoid scheduling any potentially time-consuming blockers.

To get your personal or organization-wide calendar, just navigate to the settings gear wheel in the upper right corner then Integrations > Calendar.

Once you grab the iCal link, you can follow your calendar’s instructions for importing calendar webhooks. For more on how to grab calendar links for Milestones, Epics, and Projects, check out the Help Center article here. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Oh, and if you need a little extra help setting, meeting, and even exceeding those targets, check out this article: