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Write, Earn, Give Program FAQs

Here are some common questions and points of clarifications of the Write, Earn Give Program. Don't see your question answered? Reach out to

Do I need to be a published writer to be considered?

No! But you must provide a writing sample in your application. If you don't have links, feel free to paste a sample in the provided text area.

Can I write more than once piece of content?

Absolutely! After your first piece has been published, you are encouraged to suggest and pitch additional topics that you'd like to write about.

Can I publish the content that I write for Clubhouse elsewhere?

Content written as part of the Earn, Write, Give program is published under a Creative Commons license. This means you are free to:

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material.

However, when sharing or adapting this content, you must give proper attribution and you may not use the material for further commercial purposes i.e. once we've published it, you can't sell it again to another company.

Can you pay me for content I wrote that has already been published elsewhere?

For copyright reasons, we can't accept content that has already been published on another site.

Can I nominate to donate to any charity or non profit?

There are some requirements for who you can nominate to receive the donation made on your behalf. Your nominated organization must meet the following criteria:

  • Is tech focussed
  • Is not a legislative or political activity organization
  • Is not a church, association of churches, or other religious or evangelical organization
  • Is not a school, college, or related organization
  • Is not an organization that attempts to influence public opinion
  • Is not a hospital, organization involved with health insurance or group health plans, and related organizations
  • Is not a private grant-making, independent, or operating foundation
  • Does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, political affiliation or beliefs, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression
  • Does not promote a particular religious affiliation, dogma, or doctrine as part of its mission or in exchange for its services (being affiliated with a religious organization is not in itself disqualifying)

Will my donation be tax-deductible?

Because Clubhouse will be processing the donation on your behalf, it won’t be possible for you to claim it as a charitable deduction on your tax return.

Can I be paid / donate in my local currency?

Contributions are welcome from anywhere, but payment for those contributions and donations are made in United States Dollars (USD) only.

How is payment made?

Payment for your content is made via PayPal invoice. Further details of how this works are available from our Content team. Donations are issued using the charity or organization's preferred payment method(s).

When is payment made?

Within 15 days of invoice receipt.