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Clubhouse Webinars

Optimize your workflow with Spaces & Teams

Learn how to use Spaces and Teams to filter and organize any combination of Projects, Epics, Workflow States, and more. You'll get actionable methods for streamlining your organization's workflow and tips for fostering healthy cross-team collaboration in Clubhouse.

During this webinar, our product experts will walk you through Clubhouse's most created and useful Spaces:

  • Identifying blocked Stories to ensure projects stay on track
  • Organizing a view of related Stories to monitor progress of projects
  • Managing and running team or squad meetings using Spaces
  • Prioritizing Stories across your workflows for easy planning

You'll also get a great framework for how to use Projects and Teams to expand the ways you can use Spaces to streamline the way you collaborate cross-functionally.


Abby ArmadaCustomer Support Lead
Pavla MikulaCustomer Experience Lead
Tiffany GoSr. Product Marketing Manager