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Clubhouse Webinars

Maximize your workflow through the Clubhouse API

Learn how the Clubhouse API can give you a greater amount of control over your data and help automate your workflow.

In this webinar our team will walk you through some actionable examples of how to use the Clubhouse API so you can work faster. You'll learn ways to use the API so you can get Stories into Slack, mass update Labels to make managing Sprints easier, and much more.

We'll explore how the API can enhance your experience with Clubhouse by providing:

  • Use cases that show how automation can help keep your team up-to-date and work more efficiently
  • Ways to use the API for data manipulation so you can answer the questions your team is interested in
  • Sample script resources to help get you started

Our product experts are also joined by special guest, Francesco Crippa, VP of Engineering at Rollbar who explains how his team uses the Clubhouse API to build a Cycle Time Report.

Get some sample API scripts in the Clubhouse API cookbook or head here for API reference documentation.


Willow MolineCustomer Experience
Francesco CrippaVP of Engineering, Rollbar
Tiffany GoSr. Product Marketing Manager