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Clubhouse Training & Best Practices

Manage your team's work with the Status Page

Get a full overview of all the people in your Workspace and their assigned Stories.

The Status page is very helpful for project and people managers because it captures what work is owned by members in their Organization, what everyone is working on right now, and planning to work on next.

At a glance, you’ll be able to view all the activity being worked on by a team. Depending on your Team or Project you can use the Status Page in two ways:

  • The Stories View.  This view works well for smaller teams with fewer stories to scroll through.  The Story cards are larger, showing more information up front.
  • The Compact View.  The Compact View is better for bigger teams with more active stories. Here the story cards are small, but are still sorted by owner and assigned to the Workflow States of Unstarted, Started, and Done.


Julianne TreadwellTraining and Instructional Design