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Clubhouse is the collaborative home for software development that makes it easy and enjoyable to plan and visualize your work in a Kanban view. Delight even the grumpiest Scrum Masters with Clubhouse

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We're easy. We're powerful. We're other good adjectives too.

Clubhouse is simple and intuitive enough that anyone can use it, but flexible enough to support a scaling organization. Is that too good to be true? Only one way to find out.

We're more than just “drag and drop”

Markdown support, keyboard shortcuts, deep integration with GitHub, and a well-crafted API help Clubhouse evolve and improve your software development workflow.

We provides visibility into planning and delivery

Zoom-in to pinpoint updates on a single project or quickly zoom-out to see the status across several teams or the whole org, all from one dashboard.

Our customers say it best...

See why Clubhouse is the Kanban tool of choice for software teams around the world

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"Clubhouse is a delightfully opinionated tool that simply does things the right way, out of the box, with no need for configuration or customization. It offers a beautiful and efficient user experience, excellent integrations, and overall just works brilliantly for enabling software engineering that focus on small, empowered, autonomous agile development teams."

Mikael Hedberg
CTO @ Apsis