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Don’t silo your engineering team. Clubhouse combines just the right amount of simplicity and flexibility so teams can plan, build, and launch better software, together.

Free for up to 10 users. All core features included.

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Why choose Clubhouse over Jira?

Fast and Responsive

Clubhouse is a fast and lightweight tool that is meant to get out of your way so your team can focus on delivering quality code on time.

Zoom-in, Zoom-out

Gain complete visibility into your software development efforts by pinpointing status updates on a single project or easily filtering across multiple teams and projects to see the big picture.

Easy to configure

Don’t get bogged down trying to update pages and pages of configuration options. Clubhouse fits your team’s workflow by default and is easy to setup.

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Improve your team's efficiency

Switching to Clubhouse improved our visibility and efficiency, and helped us to double the size of our engineering team.

Arnaud Pichery
VP of Engineering @ Dataiku