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Clubhouse for product teams

A collaborative home for bringing high quality software to market, faster.

Trusted by product teams around the world

Product teams use Clubhouse to:

Track your progress

Keep everyone on the same page, track dependencies, and notify relevant stakeholders so you can coordinate seamless launches.

Gather customer feedback

Centralize customer feedback and feature requests to quickly spot trends and keep your team informed.

Keep all work in one place

Filter and zoom into the work you care about keeping your team focused on. Everyone can see the status and next steps without the need for yet another meeting.

Manage your backlog

Keep an eye on work that you haven’t yet prioritized. As things inevitably change (and change again), easily move work around using our snappy bulk editing feature.

Clubhouse is a no-brainer for collaboration and visibility into development. It's a tool that helps us plan effectively, get work done faster and move quickly. Communication is clear and transparent making it easier to collaborate.Ana Akra, Product Manager


Ship quality software, faster

Stories: Break work into smaller pieces, so your team can complete tasks quickly and with less distraction.

Story Templates: Get work directly into the pipeline for your most commonly created Feature, Bug, and Chore Stories.

Spaces: View progress across workflows and product priorities to ensure the team is focused on high-priority work.

Plan and prioritize your roadmap seamlessly

Iterations: Sprint planning and priorities are clear without micromanaging. See how many Iterations a Story has been in to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Milestones: Customize goals based on releases or quarters to measure progress and keep aware of what's coming up.

Points: Get insight into the level of effort required for each piece of work to optimize for efficiency and impact.

Better visibility and collaboration

Epics: Collaborate cross-functionally and provide clear visibility across all teams. Support and Marketing will never again tell you that they feel out of the loop.

Reports: Visualize and track progress from every angle. Establish a standard of performance for your team to work towards and improve upon.

Groups: @mention groups to easily keep everyone informed of what's going on. This section is also a good place to @you that more filtering options are coming soon.

Clubhouse is an essential tool in our engineering stack as we continue to quickly scale our team. It's clean enough to provide the organization we need to plan and act, powerful enough to give the insights we need to learn and grow, but flexible enough to allow us to implement changes quickly in order to improve.Matt Sheaffer, Senior Software Project Manager