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Roadmap Enhancements

See Milestones alongside Epics, more view configuration

Team-based Organization

Focus on your own team while still collaborating with the larger org

WIP Limits

Create guardrails for your team's work in progress

Custom Reporting

Create and share custom report dashboards

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In Progress

Roadmap (private beta)

Plan and present your high-level work visually

Better Reporting

New reports like Time Spent in State and Created vs. Completed


Allow your work to be attached directly to a team


Clubhouse Labs

Get early access to our latest and greatest features

Google Sheets Integration

Leverage Google Sheets for real-time insights and charts

Navigation Redesign

A streamlined navigation and story card design

Jira Importer

Easily import Jira projects and users into Clubhouse

Trello Importer

Easily import Trello boards and users into Clubhouse

Release Notes

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Week of November 20, 2020

18 November, 2020

Clubhouse Labs

Clubhouse Labs

Clubhouse Labs is here! Experiment with our latest and greatest features before they're available to everyone. 

Clubhouse Labs provides anyone with a Standard Plan or higher early access to new Clubhouse features before they're broadly released. These features are polished and fully-supported, but are also still in development, which means your feedback can and will help shape what they become (or don't become).

Clubhouse Labs is available right now. What's in the Lab today?


Visualize your work on a timeline to easily communicate upcoming plans and ongoing progress. The Roadmap is automatically filled in with your org's Epics, displaying them by start and end date, and sorting them by priority. Read more at our blog.

Clubhouse Roadmap

Clubhouse Roadmap

Google Sheets Integration:

Connect your Story data to a Google Sheet for custom analysis. Once set up, any updates that happen in your Clubhouse Workspace will dynamically update to a connected Google Sheet.

Clubhouse Google Sheets Integration

Clubhouse Google Sheets Integration

Week ending October, 16, 2020

16 October, 2020

Updated Burndown Charts

Feel the burn with our updated Burndown Chart! 🔥

We've updated the Burndown Chart to provide you with more insightful information at a glance! In addition to the Ideal Stories Remaining and Actual Stories Remaining lines, you'll now see bars for Stories Completed, Stories Added, and Stories Removed. Learn more about Burndown Charts here.

Week ending September 4, 2020

04 September, 2020

Update Clubhouse VCS Integrations

Git more done with our updated VCS Integrations

The workflow between GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Clubhouse is now stronger than ever. Set up customizable GitHelpers, take advantage of open work auto-detection, utilize Draft PR support, and even more! Learn what's new in the blog post.

New Navigation in Clubhouse

Clubhouse has a new coat of paint!

Our updated navigation and Story cards aren't just prettier, they also make Clubhouse even easier to use. Watch the video to see what's new and read more about it in the blog post.

Import from JIRA into Clubhouse

Switch to Clubhouse in 3 easy steps using the Jira Importer

Import your projects from Jira.

Import your data from Trello

Emoji Reactions in your Activity Feed!

When someone reacts to a comment in a Story you follow, it will show up in your Activity Feed.

Try out the new Navigation design (beta). Enable the new design in your Settings.

The Story dialog now shows the completed/total Task count, in the new and old navigation.

The new Story card design in the new Navigation (beta) will have completed and total Tasks represented on the Story card.

Customize your Git Helpers

We've added the ability to customize your default branch format in the Git Helpers dialog. Mix and match different attributes, or use dashes instead of slashes to work better with your CI tool. This new setting applies to all Users and VCS providers in your Workspace.

Learn more about customizing the Git Helper branch format here.

Table Markdown Helper! Now it's faster and easier to create tables in any markdown field in Clubhouse.

Dark Mode for Clubhouse Mobile (iOS and Android) is now available.

Communicate faster with @mention notifications in Slack

Organize and filter your team's work faster by assigning Groups to Iterations

With this new Group functionality, you can assign Iterations directly to Groups, allowing your team to organize and filter work by those specific teams and squads.

Cycle Time and Lead Time Reports are now available to help your company identify bottlenecks and improve your process! Learn more on our blog.

Mobile version v2.8.0 is available.

  • View external tickets in a Story
  • Updated Story screen so that you can scroll down to see a Story's comments
  • Write multiline comments in a Story (📸 to the left)
  • Directly deep link into a comment


We've done some behind-the-scenes work to update our GitHub integration. You will not notice any immediate difference to your current integration; all features you're accustomed to will stay the same. However, this new integration will allow us to build more features to bring you more joy.

Migration to the new integration is required and is not automatic. The old version will deprecate on May 1st.

Authorize your integration on the GitHub Integration Page.

Add to Story icons now have labels on the Story card dialog.

Tasks are back in their own section on the Story card dialog.

Relationship types dropdown is now listed as tabs to save you a click on the Story card dialog.

Attach files -> URL" is being removed (in favor of External Links) on the Story card dialog.

Mobile version v2.7.0 is available. Download:

📹Long press to move Stories between different workflows or to change priority on Stories page.

Update existing Story Relationships.

Access a handy list of 50 of your most Recently Viewed Stories and Epics.

Create a Group in Workspace Settings. Note: Members of your Workspace are allowed to belong to multiple Groups.

Group @mentions send an email and in-app notification to all users who belong to that given Group.

Execute commands with the Action Bar.

Group by Iteration on the Reports page.

Group by day, week, and month on Reports page.

Story name column after Story ID in table views, to see relevant information quickly in narrow displays.

Apply date range selection immediately when navigating to Reports page the first time.

GitHub issues and pull requests are recognized when they are added as external tickets to a Story.

Tooltip highlighting shift-click shortcut in Stories page.

Tooltip highlighting shift-click shortcut to start editing Story description.

Unfurl Story comment in Slack.

Render link to comment in Story badge.

Render link to Epic as styled badge.

Adding a comment automatically makes you a Follower.
Help Center

Commonly used emoji.
Help Center

Tooltip to teach keyboard shortcut for closing modal.

Collapsible real-time preview Figma links.
Help Center

Zapier integration.
Blog post

Mobile version 2.6.5.

API v3.
Blog post

Figma links real-time preview.
Blog post

Attach Figma links to Story.
Blog post

Streamlined Story card design

  1. Add to Story options streamlined into icons
  2. Project and Workflow State are grouped together to better visualize their close relationship
  3. Story Type is now placed on the right side when creating a new Story for consistency

Group by Story type on Iteration page.
Help Center

Use the API as a free Observer.
Help Center

Select Epic when creating a Story from Slack.
Help Center

Group by Count and Points in table view on Epic page.
Help Center

Sticky table headers for Search page.
Help Center

Export Stories from Iteration page.
Help Center

View source and target branches in PR tooltip.
Help Center

Filter by Iteration on Status page.
Help Center

Initials for default avatars

Clubhouse Training Platform to educate Users (available in the in-app Help menu)

Sample Workspace to illustrate how to best leverage Clubhouse for a growing software team (available in the in-app Help Menu)

Full screen settings.
Help Center

Choose Story type when creating from Slack.
Help Center

Rounded corners in Story dialog.
Help Center

New invite link makes it faster and easier to invite your team into Clubhouse.

Optimized profile image size for performance.
Help Center

Create Story in Slack appears as comment in Slack thread.
Help Center

Filter Iterations by state.
Help Center

Sticky table header in Iteration detail page.
Help Center

100 days max date range of Reports page.
Help Center

Simplify Story Workflows to just Workflows.
Help Center

New section headers in Epic page, Iteration page, Project page, Milestone page, and Label page.

Remove description in unfurled Story URL in Slack to reduce clutter.
Help Center

Project field pre-filled in Story creation flow in Slack integration to reduce friction.
Help Center

Sum of Story counts/points per section on Iteration page.
Help Center

Previously started Iterations counts in Story card and tooltip.
Help Center

Additional fields in CSV export.
Help Center

Download billing invoices.
Help Center

Expanded Iteration burndown chart.
Help Center

Daily refreshed API docs.
API docs

Clubhouse is SOC 2 compliant!

Clubhouse has successfully completed its SOC 2 Type 2 audits! Learn more at our Security Page, read about our journey to SOC 2 compliance, or email for a copy of the report.

Consistent Story icon throughout Clubhouse, including Epic page sidebar, Search dropdown, Epic card, and Project page sidebar.

Stories page sidebar scrollbar consistency.
Help Center

Select Points vs Story Count for Reports on Iteration page.
Help Center

Milestone page view control on right to improve usability.
Help Center

Iteration page group by control on right to improve usability.
Help Center

Dark mode.
Blog post

Mobile version 2.5.3.

Story Workflow API endpoint to have previous Team information.
API documentation

Story Workflow API incorporating previous Team information.
API Documentation

Render Story URL as badge.
Help Center

Watch the July Clubhouse Product Update

In case you missed it watch here.

Optional wide Story dialog.
Help Center

Teams renamed to Story Workflows.
Blog Post

Register for the first Monthly Product Update on 8/1 @ 12 PM ET / 9AM PT to get a download of July releases and a sneak peak at what to look forward to in August.

Deprecate column view in Stories tab of Epic Page.
Help Center

Hitting return/enter selects matched Label instead of creating a new Label in Label dropdown.
Help Center

Filter by Iteration on Reports page.
Help Center

Save scroll position on Iterations page.
Help Center

Sticky sidebar for Story dialog.
Help Center

View previously started Iterations in Story dialog.
Help Center

Email notification for Iteration change on Story.

Collapsible sections in Stories page sidebar.

Iteration name in Story card.

Move view control to the right on Status page to manage clutter.

Color and spacing on Iterations page consistent with rest of Clubhouse.

View number of unestimated Stories on Reports page.

Duplicating Story includes Iteration field.

Filter by Story name in Iteration page.

Link to Epics in group by sections in Iteration page.

Link to Projects in group by sections in Iteration page.

Move group by control to the right on Epic page to manage clutter.

More intuitive blocking and blocked by icons.

Infinite scrolling and skeleton loading for more performant Iterations page.

Consistent hide archived button checkbox throughout Clubhouse.

Differentiated Iteration Done icon to help blue-green color blind users.

More readable velocity chart on Reports page.

Use Iterations immediately after enabling, without browser refresh.

Choose Story count or points on Reports page velocity chart.

Consistent styling of Epics filters in Stories page sidebar.

Frontend optimizations on Iteration page for more performant real-time updates.

Navigate to Iteration after creating it.

Revised Reports page layout for more efficient use of space.

Headline metrics on Reports page.

Usability tweaks to date inputs during Iteration creation.

Consistent ordering of Iterations in Stories page filter.

Consistent ordering of Iterations in Story dialog dropdown.

Iterations in public Beta.

New Story density option: Title only.

More discoverable OR vs AND in Stories page sidebar.

Quick filters section title

Move group by and view controls to the right on Epics page to manage clutter.

Clubhouse unblocked Story Activity Feed notification

Blocked Story notification in your Activity Feed

Now when you follow a blocked story, you'll get notified in the Activity Feed when the blocked Story gets completed.