In September Clubhouse is changing our name. OurnewnameisShortcut.

Productboard + Clubhouse

Plan and prioritize features in Productboard, then automatically push them to development in Clubhouse.

How to setup and use the Productboard + Clubhouse Integration

Connect product strategy to execution

Software teams use Clubhouse to plan releases, track issues, and ship new features. They love us for our power, speed, and intuitive user interface.

With this new integration, teams can connect their product planning and discovery in Productboard to their development work in Clubhouse.

The integration gives the development team context for why we are working on what we are working on in any given sprint and transparency to the rest of the organization.Jeff Stern, Senior Product Manager


Here's how it works

  • Automatically turn Productboard features into Clubhouse Epics

  • Seamlessly sync development status in Clubhouse back to Productboard

  • Jump back-and-forth between the two using auto-generated navigation links

Monitor progress, catch bottlenecks, and increase collaboration

With Productboard and Clubhouse, you can build more of what your customers want (which is good) instead of what they don't want (which is bad). Give our integration a try.