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Get automated with Bitbucket Cloud

Save time, reduce context switching, and improve collaboration and clarity throughout your organization

Bitbucket Cloud and Clubhouse integration branch association

What is BitBucket?

BitBucket is a source code and project development applications that uses either Mercurial or Git revision control systems. BitBucket allows you to securely store your codes in a safe place and makes it easier to experiment with new features without worrying about irreparably damaging your system.

Why connect BitBucket and Clubhouse?

When you connect tools together, you increase collaboration, accountability, and clarity throughout your teams. Eliminate status meetings, daily email follow-ups, and copy-pasting tasks from one tool to another and save hundreds of hours a year.

Create high-level reports of major team initiatives in minutes that update in real-time automatically by mirroring, splitting, or merging projects from Asana to BitBucket and beyond.

How to connect BitBucket and Clubhouse?

  • Sign up for your free Unito account.
  • Make sure you have an Asana account
  • Connect your Asana and BitBucket user accounts.
  • Select which BitBucket repo you want to sync.-
  • Select which Asana project you want to sync
  • Customize your sync (optional).
  • Sit back, and watch the tasks sync up.

Learn more and get support

This app was developed by Unito. Unito automatically synchronizes your projects, tasks, and conversations between different work management tools. You can now work seamlessly without switching apps all the time. Be more productive and enhance your team collaboration.