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Developer How-To Articles & Tutorials

Learn something new in one of these tutorials, created by other software engineers!

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JSSoftware Development

Building Single Page Applications using AngularJS

In this article, we’ll build a Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS. Angular is developed by Google and is now written using TypeScript.

JSSoftware Development

What’s new in JavaScript  ES2019

ES2019 (aka ES10) was shipped earlier this year - let’s dive into some of the new features that were shipped with ES2019.


How to set up a Hadoop cluster in Docker

Apache Hadoop is a popular big data framework that is being used a lot in the software industry. In this tutorial, we will set up a 3-node Hadoop cluster using Docker and run the classic Hadoop Word Count program to test the system.


How to level up your SQL skills

If you're like most programmers, you know some SQL but aren't fluent in it. This post touches upon some skills that you'll find useful to write good SQL.


Off the beaten path: Less well-known features of PostgreSQL

The PostgreSQL database engine has many well known cool features. It also has features that might surprise you because you simply never heard of them. Or perhaps the ORM you're using does not expose them. Let's dip our toes into two of those, shall we?

JavaSoftware Development

How to use Selenium to automate browser interactions

Selenium is an incredibly powerful open source tool that was created to automate web browser interactions. This tutorial teaches how to log in to a Slack workspace, click on a channel that’s within that workspace and then send a message to the channel - all fully automated.


Using Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Python to easily navigate (and visualize) lots of data

This guide details: 1. The steps to set up Elasticsearch and Kibana locally on your machine (Windows or Mac / Unix) and 2. How to move large amounts of data from a CSV source into Elastic’s tools using a scripting language like Python.

JSSoftware Development

Writing Object Oriented JavaScript ES6 Modules, using a Text RPG as an example

This is a tutorial on writing object oriented ES6 modules, using a a fully working text adventure game to demonstrate.

JSSoftware Development

Modularizing JavaScript code to make it more stable and readable

Do you seem to be repeating logic, or writing the same structure of if-else statements repeatedly? Check out this guide to modularizing JavaScript to make it more readable and stable.

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