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Wistia: Keeping the team in sync



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Cambridge, MA

Operating at the cutting-edge of video hosting requires Wistia to keep its software and hardware development efforts focused and running smoothly. They use Clubhouse to keep their engineering teams humming and their customers happy.

Before discovering Clubhouse, Wistia teams were using a mix of docs, spreadsheets, and other Kanban tools to track work. Molly Wolfberg, a product manager at Wistia, says that the existing set up worked okay for some teams within Wistia, but some product development features missing. "We were eager for built-in reporting and estimates, integrations with other tools like GitHub, and something that was built specifically with product and engineering teams in mind."

In short, the product and engineering focused teams needed more automated and detailed features to keep them working quickly and in sync with each other.

Jumping in Headfirst

When Molly came across Clubhouse, she asked the team if they’d be willing to give it a try for their next sprint. Everyone at Wistia works in four-week sprints, which gives them the perfect opportunity to try new project or product management tools and techniques.

The team was intrigued and agreed to give it a go, so she set everything up, and they test-drove Clubhouse for the next month. "It took me about an hour to transfer over our cards, and about a week for the entire team to get used to using the tool."

At the end of the sprint, everyone loved Clubhouse enough that they voted to continue using it. There were several standout features for Molly.

As a product manager, I love how easy it is to keep a finger on the pulse of what our team is working on.Molly Wolfberg, Product Manager at Wistia

Data for empowered teams and happy customers

With Clubhouse, they have enough data and a way to view that data, which means "it’s easy to slice and dice the numbers, and make the team more productive." Molly is a big proponent of having strong documentation for her team, and believes in giving them the data they need to be empowered team members — Clubhouse is a part of that process, for her and the rest of her team.

Since they have multiple streams of work, filtering by Epics, Labels, and Workflow State gives them a full picture of where everything is at in the sprint. And the engineers love the GitHub integration and the automatic movement of stories based on their GitHub state, along with the ability to show relationships between stories.

Using Clubhouse lets the Wistia team lighten their workload and keep an eye on what matters most with data-backed metrics. Now, they can stay focused on what matters: helping their customers create and present the best videos possible.