Portfolium enables students to create smart and searchable digital portfolios to gain fulfilling employment opportunities.

The Portfolium Team

Often referred to as the “LinkedIn for college students,” Portfolium allows students to easily showcase experience gained both in and outside of the classroom while equipping campus recruiters with powerful tools to identify and connect with graduating job seekers.

Building a product suite that empowers students, educators, and recruiters alike requires a combination of internal transparency, planning and execution -- a process the Portfolium Product and Engineering teams have finessed by using Clubhouse to centralize collaboration.

Transitioning from JIRA to Clubhouse

For Portfolium, Clubhouse helped fill a gap between product and engineering. “The Engineering team was using JIRA, but information around the product roadmap and milestone tracking lived mostly in Asana,” says Peter D’Orsi, Director of Product. “Clubhouse has allowed us to bridge this gap by allowing both teams to work within one product.”

Peter helped set up two of the team’s upcoming sprints from JIRA in Clubhouse by using Labels to represent the iterations, and work was tracked in tandem between the two tools until the next sprint planning session, which was done entirely in Clubhouse.

Daniel Marashlan, Portfolium CTO & Co-Founder, shares, “We were able to easily replicate in Clubhouse concepts our team was used to from JIRA, like statuses and swimlanes, by using Clubhouse workflow states. During the transition, any work that was in progress or important was duplicated in Clubhouse, but we left all of our `legacy’ work in JIRA for historical reference.”

Measuring and Prioritizing Business Values

To help figure out what development work should be prioritized, Portfolium use a combination of Labels and Saved Workspaces to guide their workflow.

Peter D'Orsi

“As an organization, we had a hard time visualizing milestones against a product roadmap. By using Epics and Milestones within Clubhouse, the entire business now has a 30,000 foot view into the roadmap.”

- Peter D’Orsi, Director of Product at Portfolium

Stories with an “A” Label represent work with a high business value the Product team has prioritized. A “B” Label denotes chores and feature requests that will be worked on, but have a lower business value and priority, while a “C” Label is affixed to internal chores, or low priority Bug Stories like cosmetic fixes.

Peter further explains, “One of the things we've removed from our workload as a Product team is moving things in and out of sprints. Instead, we manage a prioritized list of Stories in a workflow state called “Ready.” When a new iteration begins, we have our retro and iteration planning meeting. In that meeting, we review and estimate new Stories, after which they are moved into this “Ready” state and re-ordered based on our Label priority workflow.”

Uniting Product and Engineering with Synchronized Workflows

Given the flexibility of Clubhouse, the Portfolium Product and Engineering teams are able to work alongside each other on Organization-wide priorities with full transparency.

The Engineering team has several workflow states representing work that is In Development, in Code Review, Acceptance, Ready to Deploy, and Shipped. The Product team structure their work across workflow states representing planning phases like Backlog, Up Next and Ready. Engineering and Product both work within a single Clubhouse Team, and use Workspaces to create filtered views against their sprints, priorities and design initiatives.

According to Daniel, “The Product team use our ABC Label prioritization methodology and pluck Stories from the top. Engineering work is more unforseen in terms of planning, and we work in sprints, on a continuous deploy schedule. Filtering against these various views in Clubhouse allows both of these methodologies to co-exist.”

Using Clubhouse allows each member of the Portfolium team to easily track their work in progress whilst being aligned with upcoming priorities. The cross-team transparency Clubhouse has helped them achieve allows Portfolium to focus on what they do best: connecting learning with opportunity.

Clubhouse brings joy to software teams

“We tried many of the popular project management tools, but only Clubhouse satisfied our requirements.”
Nicolas Grasset
VP of Engineering, MakeSpace
“Clubhouse has helped enable our rapid growth… It has become indispensable to all of our Product and Engineering teams.”
Orchard Platform
Jonathan Kelfer
Co-founder and CTO, Orchard Platform
“As a Product Manager, Clubhouse has solved a lot of problems for our team.”
Marcus Im
Product Manager, BarkBox
“Clubhouse’s powerful API lets us set up the processes and flows that are right for our team and the interface doesn’t pigeon hole us into a specific methodology.”
Jaclyn Spangler
Hugger, FullStory
Pascal Bourque @bourquep 12:46 PM - 27 Jan 2017
It’s only been 3 days since we moved all our feature/bug backlogs into @clubhouse, and I already can’t see myself using any other tool. 💚
Matt Button @BRMatt 6:12 AM - 9 Jan 2017
Clubhouse.io is Trello on steroids for software projects. Was sceptical at first, but it’s so 💯 💙❤️💛💜
Justin Klemm‏ @justinklemm 3:17 PM - 14 Dec 2016
I’ve used lots of project management tools (Jira, Asana, Basecamp, GitHub), but never loved any of them. @clubhouse might be the winner.
Switching to @clubhouse from Jira. Love my project management job again. #gamedev
Bryan Irace @irace 6:04 PM - 25 Aug 2016
Confirmed: @clubhouse is the software project planning tool I’ve always wanted but never thought would exist. Amazing work @kurt and team.
I am loving @clubhouse. Strikes a really nice balance of making a few good assumptions and not making too many about prod-dev workflow 👌
Been using Clubhouse for about a month and it’s still perfect. Yes, perfect. Best SaaS product I’ve ever used. https://clubhouse.io/
What I like about @clubhouse: intuitive, nicely polished, excellent build quality and simply a pleasure to use!
Peter Vidani @pter 2:10 PM - 18 Jul 2016
Btw, we ended up going with @clubhouse. You still need your own process before starting, but it’s clean and the build quality is solid.
Jonathan Hyde @jonphyde 10:11 AM - 24 Apr 2016
@CutikoLive @bitfield Check out @clubhouse. My engineers love using it, I love using it & they are super lovely people building it.
Jed Christiansen @jedc 6:42 PM - 4 Aug 2016
.@clubhouse continue to roll out increasingly awesome features. Great PM tool; thanks @kurt!
Evan Sinicin @ebahsini 9:11 PM - 23 Jul 2016
@clubhouse excited for Organizations - just sent in a new feature request. Please keep killing it!
JIRA meet your better: https://clubhouse.io/ That is all. cc: @KaitlinMS @TripleEhGames
Started using @clubhouse and loving it! Perfect middle ground between Trello and JIRA 👌
Spurt Reynolds @asarazan 12:45 PM - 17 Feb 2016
Really impressed with my first run of @clubhouse. A product for building products that is actually a good product. Go figure!
Benoit Richter @benrict 9:19 AM - 15 Aug 2015
If your dev team is looking for an upgrade from Github Issues or Trello, have a look at @clubhouse: *really* worth a try. Impressive stuff.
Josh Pigford @shpigford 9:14 AM - 7 Dec 2016
We tried so. many. things. Had committed to Pivotal Tracker & then tried Clubhouse last minute & whole team loved it.
@Derbios thank you for the @clubhouse recommendation! definitely more lightweight than jira and easier to use than pivotaltracker
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