Rolling out the right features to the right customers at the right time is a challenge that requires coordination and precision. LaunchDarkly produces tools to reduce that complexity, and Clubhouse helps keep their team aligned.

The LaunchDarkly Team

LaunchDarkly, a feature flag management platform, was a natural extension of CTO/Co-Founder John Kodumal's passion for helping developers. Their product allows companies to do controlled feature and product roll-outs for their users, enabling developers to move faster and mitigate risks typically associated with code launches.

When LaunchDarkly started out, they were just a two-person team, so Trello was enough to suit their needs. But as they grew to four employees, they realized they were outgrowing it. They then switched to Asana, which held up until the team again doubled in size. Says John, "We were constantly frustrated with these tools that only grew with us to a certain size."

At the other end of the spectrum, there was JIRA. Several of the members of LaunchDarkly's engineering team used to work at Atlassian, so they had extensive experience working with (and, in some cases, building) JIRA. While they knew they might eventually wind up using it, after years of being obliged to use it, they'd hoped they could find something else. That's when they discovered Clubhouse.

Onboarding with Ease

The team was immediately impressed with Clubhouse's flexibility and simplicity; the configuration was quick and easy, and kept the switching cost low. Clubhouse defaults naturally mapped to the way they think about running an engineering team.

The LaunchDarkly team continues to grow rapidly and bring more people into their Clubhouse and onboarding has continued to be simple. According to Engineering Manager Zachary Davis, he maintains distinct workspaces against specific Labels and uses that filtered view to see what the team is working on and also to easily find work that can be picked up next.

John Kodumal

“The ability to be working on a task list at the smallest level, where I can check things off, all the way up to tracking my entire company's engineering velocity at the milestone level, and being able to do that out of the box without any configuration or hiring a consultant to set it up is very compelling to me.”

- John Kodumal, CTO/Co-Founder, LaunchDarkly

Org-Wide Visibility

With the new Teams feature, they've been able to better organize their discrete teams and collaborate with the customer success and support team in a single tool. The customer-facing teams can keep an eye on engineering work, while still maintaining their own board to communicate and work on team-specific tasks.

Before switching to the company's Clubhouse account, the support team was collaborating in Quip, but they knew it wouldn't scale as the team grew beyond a couple teammates. Engineering and Support work very closely at LaunchDarkly, so being able to work together in the same tool is extremely valuable. Support can use Milestones to help keep customers up to date on feature releases. They also find that relating stories between teams also helps with visibility.

"Moving to Clubhouse was great! It was fairly easy to get everyone familiar with the interface, and we immediately had visibility into everyone's work," says Support Engineer Arnold Trahktenberg.

All in all, moving to Clubhouse has helped the LaunchDarkly team stay in sync and focused on delivering industry-leading feature flag management to customers around the world.

Clubhouse brings joy to software teams

“We tried many of the popular project management tools, but only Clubhouse satisfied our requirements.”
Nicolas Grasset
VP of Engineering, MakeSpace
“Clubhouse has helped enable our rapid growth… It has become indispensable to all of our Product and Engineering teams.”
Orchard Platform
Jonathan Kelfer
Co-founder and CTO, Orchard Platform
“As a Product Manager, Clubhouse has solved a lot of problems for our team.”
Marcus Im
Product Manager, BarkBox
“Clubhouse’s powerful API lets us set up the processes and flows that are right for our team and the interface doesn’t pigeon hole us into a specific methodology.”
Jaclyn Spangler
Hugger, FullStory
Pascal Bourque @bourquep 12:46 PM - 27 Jan 2017
It’s only been 3 days since we moved all our feature/bug backlogs into @clubhouse, and I already can’t see myself using any other tool. 💚
Matt Button @BRMatt 6:12 AM - 9 Jan 2017 is Trello on steroids for software projects. Was sceptical at first, but it’s so 💯 💙❤️💛💜
Justin Klemm‏ @justinklemm 3:17 PM - 14 Dec 2016
I’ve used lots of project management tools (Jira, Asana, Basecamp, GitHub), but never loved any of them. @clubhouse might be the winner.
Switching to @clubhouse from Jira. Love my project management job again. #gamedev
Bryan Irace @irace 6:04 PM - 25 Aug 2016
Confirmed: @clubhouse is the software project planning tool I’ve always wanted but never thought would exist. Amazing work @kurt and team.
I am loving @clubhouse. Strikes a really nice balance of making a few good assumptions and not making too many about prod-dev workflow 👌
Been using Clubhouse for about a month and it’s still perfect. Yes, perfect. Best SaaS product I’ve ever used.
What I like about @clubhouse: intuitive, nicely polished, excellent build quality and simply a pleasure to use!
Peter Vidani @pter 2:10 PM - 18 Jul 2016
Btw, we ended up going with @clubhouse. You still need your own process before starting, but it’s clean and the build quality is solid.
Jonathan Hyde @jonphyde 10:11 AM - 24 Apr 2016
@CutikoLive @bitfield Check out @clubhouse. My engineers love using it, I love using it & they are super lovely people building it.
Jed Christiansen @jedc 6:42 PM - 4 Aug 2016
.@clubhouse continue to roll out increasingly awesome features. Great PM tool; thanks @kurt!
Evan Sinicin @ebahsini 9:11 PM - 23 Jul 2016
@clubhouse excited for Organizations - just sent in a new feature request. Please keep killing it!
JIRA meet your better: That is all. cc: @KaitlinMS @TripleEhGames
Started using @clubhouse and loving it! Perfect middle ground between Trello and JIRA 👌
Spurt Reynolds @asarazan 12:45 PM - 17 Feb 2016
Really impressed with my first run of @clubhouse. A product for building products that is actually a good product. Go figure!
Benoit Richter @benrict 9:19 AM - 15 Aug 2015
If your dev team is looking for an upgrade from Github Issues or Trello, have a look at @clubhouse: *really* worth a try. Impressive stuff.
Josh Pigford @shpigford 9:14 AM - 7 Dec 2016
We tried so. many. things. Had committed to Pivotal Tracker & then tried Clubhouse last minute & whole team loved it.
@Derbios thank you for the @clubhouse recommendation! definitely more lightweight than jira and easier to use than pivotaltracker
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