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Nubank uses Clubhouse to bridge collaboration across their 1000+ employees



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Some of the Nubank team!

Changing the way people manage their finances

Founded in 2013, Nubank is the largest fintech in Latin America and one of the most innovative companies in the world. Over 12 million people use Nubank. Their services include a fee-less digital bank account, fee-less international credit card, personal loans, and a mobile credit card app. By providing a more efficient and transparent experience, Nubank is redefining people's relationship with their money. The team has a clear runway to continue this success, having just raised $400 Million in funding in July 2019!

Agile team structure for constant innovation

The Nubank team follows an Agile Scaling Model and are organized into Tribes, Alliances, and Squads. This model encourages innovation across many different products and services Nubank offers and enables the 1800 person company to move fast.

A Tribe is at the top of the hierarchy of the Agile Scaling model. Each Tribe has multiple Alliances. Each Alliance consists of various Squads that work on the related feature area. Tribe leaders at Nubank are responsible for fostering a productive and innovative environment for their group. Each Tribe is given the autonomy to choose the tools and technologies they wish to use and support their workflow.

Guilherme (Shiba) Campbell and Ana Akra, are Product Managers of the Credit and Lending Tribes, respectively. Shiba and Ana sat down and shared why they and so many other teams at Nubank have decided to adopt Clubhouse.

Nubank chooses Clubhouse

Shiba was looking for a tool to help keep the Credit Tribe on the same page as they grew in size and added responsibility. Clubhouse made the most sense compared to other project management tools in the market. "Other tools are overly complicated and time-consuming to set up. I wanted to find a tool that was easy to learn. Other tools are tough to learn so you end up not using features. We hit the sweet spot with Clubhouse- it's simple to use but powerful. The tool gets out of our way so we can focus on our work."

Ana says her team adopted Clubhouse because "It started with the engineering team. They quickly saw how valuable it was to have everyone working out of the same tool.

Clubhouse is a no-brainer for collaboration and visibility into development. It's a tool that helps us plan effectively, get work done faster and move quickly. Communication is clear and transparent making it easier to collaborate not only with our Tribe but also to our external stakeholders.Ana Akra, Product Manager, Lending

Clubhouse empowers every team to work the way they want

Each Tribe has a Workspace in Clubhouse. The Lending and Credit Tribes have customized Clubhouse to fit the way their group likes to work. Ana says, "We love that Clubhouse is flexible enough to give each Tribe the control over setting up custom Story Workflows. Each Tribe has different ways of working together and with non-technical teams, like the customer service teams or the analysts."

The Credit Tribe appreciates how Clubhouse is built with the software development lifecycle in mind but still enables them to work cross-functionally outside of engineering and product. "The out-of-the-box workflows and the Story fields often remind us of what information is important to include in our work as product and engineers. I can also set up custom Story Workflows. This way groups like our designers, analysts, and customer teams can get into Clubhouse and get context for projects and different initiatives. It empowers us to focus on the goals we have set for the team." says Shiba

The Lending Tribe has found "Clubhouse is structured to prompt you to define the work clearly. The benefit is that everything is clearer because you know where to find the information. It's also easy to prioritize - we use Spaces to lead and keep our meetings focused. We can compile different dimensions like Epics, Projects, the Owner. Everything is in one comprehensive view." says Ana. Ana also notes that as a product manager, she relies on Clubhouse to "Stay current, study, and understand what the customers need. I can ensure the team is working on the right things to satisfy the customer."

Adopting Clubhouse across Nubank

Nubank now has over 900 users and over 25 teams who have chosen to use Clubhouse.

Ana says, "More teams are adopting Clubhouse at Nubank because it is flexible enough to work for different Chapters across the company. Our advice to other tech companies looking for an agile project management tool is, "Use Clubhouse!" We were looking for a tool that could support different Tribes of varying sizes. Clubhouse checks all of these boxes."

Shiba says, "Our work relationships are stronger because everyone has visibility and better context."

Nubank is adopting Clubhouse because it's not just a project management tool; it's a team tool. Guilherme "Shiba" Campbell, Product Manager, Credit