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Developer How-To Articles

Learn something new in one of these tutorials, created by other software engineers!

JSSoftware Development

Building Single Page Applications using AngularJS

In this article, we’ll build a Single Page Application (SPA) using AngularJS. Angular is developed by Google and is now written using TypeScript.

JSSoftware Development

What’s new in JavaScript  ES2019

ES2019 (aka ES10) was shipped earlier this year - let’s dive into some of the new features that were shipped with ES2019.


How to set up a Hadoop cluster in Docker

Apache Hadoop is a popular big data framework that is being used a lot in the software industry. In this tutorial, we will set up a 3-node Hadoop cluster using Docker and run the classic Hadoop Word Count program to test the system.

Open Source Projects

Check out the open source libraries built with the Clubhouse API.

Importing & Exporting


Import your Github Issues into Clubhouse Stories.

Importing & Exporting


This tool helps you migrate issues from YouTrack into Clubhouse.

Importing & Exporting


Import Story cards to Clubhouse from a CSV File.

API Client Libraries

Clubhouse API v2 Ruby Gem

A resource-oriented Ruby library for interacting with the Clubhouse v2 API

Build your own integration.

Building great software is your domain. Making it easier is ours. Write your own integration or build your own library with the Clubhouse REST API.