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The Clubhouse Write, Earn, Give Program

What is the Write, Earn, Give program?

Write, Earn, Give is Clubhouse's program that pays software engineers to write tutorials, how-to and thought leadership content for Clubhouse. With each writer payment, we also donate to a tech-focused charity, non-profit or open source project of the writer's choosing.

How much does it pay?

We payout based on the following structure:

  • How-To / Tutorial: $400 (with working code examples: $600)
  • Blog Post: $350

All payouts are made at Clubhouse's discretion, and will be matched by a donation to a tech-focused charity, non-profit or open source project of the writer's choosing. For more details on payment and eligibility requirements for donations, see our FAQs.

What should I write about?

We are looking for a broad spectrum of content written for software developers and engineers. This includes (but is not limited to):

Blog posts:

  • Holistic/thought leadership topics designed to help developers (example)
  • Fun posts that talk about the world of software engineering (example)
  • Coverage and comparison of popular developer tools (example)
  • Analysis of the software team and the roles that it comprises of (example)
  • Guidance on managing and scaling a tech team (example)
  • Career guidance and advice for software engineers (example)

Developer How-To / Software Engineering Tutorials:

  • In-depth tutorials that teach useful coding techniques (example)
  • How to guides on setting up software infrastructure

Take a look at what we've already published on our blog and developer how-to section for further inspiration and to see topics that we already have content for.

Who am I writing for?

We're looking for content that is aimed at software engineers, but with a particular focus on engineering leads, managers and VPs/CTOs. However, ideas aimed for any level of software engineer are welcome.

How do I get started?

Sold? Here's how you can get started in writing for Clubhouse:

  • Apply: Fill in our simple application form, including a writing sample and a pitch for your first topic.
  • Write: Once you've agreed upon a topic and outline with our Content team, you can get started. We'll provide all the necessary guidelines and templates to get started.
  • Refine: After you submit your first draft, you'll work with a member of the Content team to edit and refine your piece.
  • Get Published: Don't worry, we handle this part :)
  • Get Paid: Once your piece is published, we'll issue payment via PayPal.
  • Donate: Choose your charity, non-profit or open source project that you'd like to receive a charitable donation, from Clubhouse, made on your behalf.
  • Repeat: Any time you'd like to write again for Clubhouse, reach out to your contact on the Content team to repeat the process!