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Now With Zendesk!


At Clubhouse, we believe that a great user experience requires strong collaboration between support, product, and engineering. So we’ve focused on adopting and building the tools and processes that help us better track and share user feedback so that we can more quickly deliver the bug fixes and new features you need.

As Zendesk users we’ve long wanted a better way to communicate and deliver on user requests. Today we’re excited to release the Clubhouse — Zendesk integration and external ticket support.

The Clubhouse app in Zendesk

With this new integration, you can easily:

  • associate Zendesk tickets with existing Clubhouse Stories
  • create New Stories from a Zendesk ticket
  • filter to see which Stories have support tickets associated with them, and
  • get a count of how many tickets have been associated with a Story.

So much goes into setting priorities, but with greater visibility into which items have received user requests you can more easily decide what to tackle next.

Zendesk tickets on a Clubhouse Story card

While this integration is built with Zendesk in mind, we also support links from several other ticket and error tracking services including Helpscout, Freshdesk, Kustomer, Intercom, and Rollbar. To learn more and get started, check out the Help Center.