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What's new in Clubhouse Mobile - Dark Mode and a speedier UX 

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Working on the go looks a little different when you're not really able to go anywhere. Whether you're homeschooling your kids, enjoying a socially distanced walk, or just need to shut your computer down, the latest updates in Clubhouse Mobile will help make remote work more convenient and enjoyable, wherever you are. Read on to learn more!

Head to the dark side with Dark Mode

We're excited to share that Clubhouse Mobile Dark Mode is available for both iOS and Android! This update provides a Dark Mode experience on mobile that mirrors our web app.

Enable for iOS: The System will inherit the settings from your device. Or you can toggle On to enable Dark Mode for just the Clubhouse application, and Off will restore the default light view in the app Settings.

Enable Dark Mode on iOS

Enable for Android: Tap on Settings and find for the toggle to switch Dark Mode on. Enjoy!

Enable Dark Mode on Android

A speedier user experience 

The latest update to the mobile app makes it's faster to check your Activity Feed, leave comments on Stories when you're not at your computer. We optimized our caching process by refocusing our caching power on data loading and animations during transitions, so you experience a faster loading and more responsive experience. Fancy.

⚡️ fast

Using the Clubhouse Mobile app while working remotely

While work might look at least a little different from you now than it did last year, the Clubhouse Mobile app can help make remote work easier. Here are some ways to use the mobile app while working remotely.

  • Stay engaged and in touch: When you need to be away from your computer, use push notifications to note and respond immediately as they come up. (Which will almost certainly impress people who won't know that you did that while eating an entire cake in your kitchen.)
  • Get to high-priority work quickly: Head to your Activity Feed to see what needs your attention first. Click to leave a quick comment from the notification, or pull it up in Clubhouse to work on it from your device.
  • Keep everyone in the loop: Instead of conversations happening in silos or other tools, quickly leave feedback and comments in Stories and Epics from your phone.
  • Set "break" reminders on your phone: This has nothing to do with the Clubhouse Mobile app, but it's important to take breaks as you figure out how to work during a pandemic. Set a few reminders on your phone to take a 5-minute break to check-in with yourself. Take a peek at our post about how to not go insane while you work from home.

Haven't downloaded the apps yet? 

Get the iOS App on the App Store

Get the Android App at the Play store

For more information on how to set up and use the Clubhouse mobile app, visit our Help Center. Please reach out to us at, tweet us @clubhouse or join our Slack community if you have any feedback! We're here to help. And also to project manage. But mostly to help.