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The GitLab and Clubhouse integration is now available!

Merge projects seamlessly with the new GitLab and Clubhouse integration

Tiffany Go

We’re excited to announce that our GitLab integration is now live! The Clubhouse integration supports both GitLab’s SaaS offering,, and the self-managed offering, GitLab (9.5 or higher).

Now you’ll be able to associate merge requests, branches, and commits from a GitLab Project to a Clubhouse Story to save you time and facilitate easier collaboration throughout your organization.

Reduce context switching between tools

Similar to our GitHub and Bitbucket Cloud integrations, you can use the GitLab integration to reduce the number of status meetings, daily email follow-ups, and copy-pasting tasks from one tool to another. Sync work in GitLab projects to the Clubhouse Stories you are working on without leaving your command line in the following ways:

1. Stay in your workflow with specially formatted commit messages. Associate a commit to one or multiple Stories for insight into work in progress, right in your Stories.

Associate commits to a Story

2. Work more efficiently with branch naming conventions to automatically connect your branch to a Story and track the status of the request for that branch. When a branch is associated with a Story, you can open a merge request from Clubhouse to make updates seamlessly.

Automatically connect a branch to a Story

Improve visibility with automation

Automatically sync the flow of information between GitLab and Clubhouse with the integration so your organization can gain better insight into the status of work. You’ll be able to do so in the following ways:

  1. Associate a GitLab merge request with a Clubhouse Story. You can do this when the request is opened and after the fact.

Associate a GitLab merge request with a Story

2. Automatically update the Story Workflow States while working in GitLab using event handlers.

Auto-update Story Workflow States from GitLab

Setup and start using your GitLab integration today

Have the admin or owner of your Organization enable the integration and connect your GitLab account to your Clubhouse Workspace! Detailed instructions about how to set-up and use the integration can be found here.

Happy Creating!