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Clubhouse Sentry Integration

Fix errors faster with the new Sentry Integration

Tiffany Go

When you catch a bug or an error, one of the last things you want to do is waste time popping into another application or copying over the details in order to report it. We get it! That's why we built a new integration with Sentry’s open-source error monitoring tool, so you can fix and manage errors more quickly.

With the new integration, you’ll have the same functionality as the existing plug-in, like the ability to link crash reports and create new Clubhouse Stories but with added automation and less context switching.

Automatically resolve linked Sentry Issues

With the integration, changes made to a linked Clubhouse Story will also automatically populate in the linked Sentry Issue. Say for example, your team fixes a Bug Story in Clubhouse with a couple of linked Sentry Issues and moves it to complete. Now you'll see both linked Sentry Issues automatically resolve without any additional effort in Sentry - pretty neat!

Automatically resolve linked Sentry Issues

Create a Clubhouse Story from a Sentry Issue

Now you can create a Clubhouse Story from a Sentry Issue in fewer steps. Say you see a new Issue come in and want to create a Story for the work needed to address the bug. Simply head to the linked issues section in Sentry, add a title and a description, and you're done! The new functionality of the integration also allows you to configure defaults for a Clubhouse Project and requester for each Sentry Project, minimizing the copy and clicks needed to create a new Story.

Create a Clubhouse Story from a Sentry Issue with less context switching

Link one or multiple Sentry Issues to a Clubhouse Story

Save time when you see individual but related issues come into Sentry by connecting any related issues to the relevant Clubhouse Story. When you move the linked Clubhouse Story to a complete state, all linked Sentry Issues get resolved without having to go into each individual issue!

Link one or multiple Sentry Issues to a Clubhouse Story

Quickly connect Clubhouse and Sentry

Connecting the two systems is much faster now that it no longer requires using the Clubhouse API token. Have your admin connect Sentry through the Settings in Clubhouse and both systems will be connected in few easy clicks. You’ll also notice that with the new integration, you’ll be able to choose a Clubhouse Project and requester of the created Story to help save time when creating a Story from an Issue.

Connect Clubhouse and Sentry

If you want more information on how to use or connect Clubhouse and Sentry, check out this Help Center article. We are thrilled to add Sentry as one of our valued integration partners and hope this new update helps you fix errors and get more done, faster.

Happy Creating!