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Real-time design collaboration with the new Figma integration

Tiffany Go

Our latest integration combines the power of Figma, a collaborative design tool, with the power of Clubhouse, to make the process of building software together quicker, easier, and more transparent.

The integration enables live preview embeds of your public Figma files. Now when a Figma link is pasted into any markdown text field in Clubhouse, a live preview will appear! If you add a live preview link or links, they will also show up in the External Tickets section. Best of all, the Figma integration is ready to use today, no configuration needed!

Never worry about finding or sharing the latest design

Now when a designer makes any changes to the original design in Figma, whether they tweak padding or try a new font color, the embedded Figma design will automatically update in real-time in Clubhouse. No extra work required!

This makes it easy for designers to present designs and get feedback so they can focus more on designing. Functional teams working with designers love it because they will always know where to look to see the state of the current design.

Here's where the live previews work in Clubhouse:

  • Story Page description and comments
  • Epic Page description and comments
  • Milestone Page description
  • Iteration page description
  • Project Page description

Embed live Figma links in any markdown field in Clubhouse!

Surface all designs in Clubhouse Stories easily

Add Figma links to a Story in the External Tickets section. This helps ensure that everyone on your team sees each relevant design associated with that Story - no more missing a design buried in the Comments section!

See all Figma links associated with your Story in one place

Additionally, once you add the Figma links to the External Tickets section, you'll also be able to see which Stories have Figma links in Story tool tips, at glance.

See which Stories have Figma links to review in a glance

What's next for the designer experience in Clubhouse 

This latest release is part of our strategy to enhance the designer experience in Clubhouse, by making async design collaboration more straightforward and less open to misinterpretation. You can read more about our product belief system here. Andrew, our Chief Design Officer, will share more about how we plan on bringing this vision to life in a future blog post - stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy using the new Figma integration as much as we do! More information on how to use the Figma and Clubhouse integration can be found here.

We would love to know what else would make your Clubhouse experience as a designer even better - let us know in the comments below.

Happy Creating!