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Emojis and Drags and Links, Oh My!


It’s been a fun but busy summer here at Clubhouse as we roll out more handy features to bring ease and joy to your project development cycles.

Thumbs Up For Every Thumb!

Understanding the importance of having options that meet the needs of our diverse user base, we recently rolled out a refreshed emoji set that offers support for a range of skin tones.

Using the tone picker, users can select the tone that works for them for many of the colorful hands and faces in the emoji set. In addition to working within Clubhouse, the emojis also render properly when passed through to Slack notifications.

New Story Link

After receiving numerous requests for a quick link to create Stories, we’ve rolled out a simple way to grab this link. Just press the Create Story button in the Clubhouse interface and click on the chain icon to grab that direct link and share it amongst your time, set it in outside integrations, or just bookmark it in your browser.

Drag and Drop Multiple

We’ve also extended the ability to edit multiple Stories by allowing you to click-shift to select multiple and also the ability to drag multiple selected Stories to a different workflow state.

As usual, we welcome your thoughts and feedback about these and any other features in Clubhouse. We’re here for you!