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Daily standups with Clubhouse


Whether your team uses Agile, agile, kanban, or traditional waterfall, chances are you have a regular status check-in. While project management tools like Clubhouse can make it easier to get the status of a project or Story at a glance, the daily scrum or standup meeting can provide you with deeper context into progress or problems. That regular meeting, held in-person or via videochat, also afford you valuable face time — something that we on remote and geographically teams can seemingly never get enough of!

So when the question comes down to: should you have a status meeting or just use your project management tool to find out what’s going on? Clubhouse says BOTH! And here are a few ways to streamline your daily standup using Clubhouse.

The Status Page

The Status Page offers the current state of every Story that has been assigned but is not yet completed. The Status Board can be toggled between a Stories/column view or a Compact/rows view and filtered across Projects, Epics, Milestones, and Labels. If you are using Teams, every Team will have a separate Status view and you can switch between teams using the blue drop-down, just as you do on the Stories Board.

Reviewing the Status Board as part of the flow of standup allows you to show as you tell, so everyone on your team can follow along — no matter where they are.


Creating a Workspace on the Stories page

While the Status Page offers a succinct view of assigned work, it does currently lack a few features that you may need in a standup meeting. For a more robust view, you should set up a new Shared Workspace on the Clubhouse Stories page. With this Shared Workspace, you can drag and drop Stories between columns on the fly, add additional filters, and also see completed work.

The StatusHero — Clubhouse Integration (NEW!!)

Clubhouse Story updates in a Status Hero integration

With the new Status Hero integration, teams can incorporate their Clubhouse activity into automated daily status updates. All your Clubhouse changes are appended to your Status Hero updates to be shared in the Status Hero app, via email, or in the chat app of your preference.

Status Hero’s quick and easy checkin interface prompts you to review the previous day’s goals and set new ones for today. So filling that out ahead of the daily checkin can help you shape your report back and use the face-to-face meeting time to connect with those who can assist you in removing blockers.

So, how does your team do check-ins? We’d love to hear more on Twitter!