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Customize your Navigation Bar in Clubhouse

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Customize your Navigation Bar in Clubhouse

Our latest update allows you to Marie Kondo* your Navigation Bar in Clubhouse so you can organize it in a way that brings you joy. Read on to see how a few clicks and the new pin and hide functionality can enhance your Clubhouse experience.

Prioritize and organize the items that matter most

If you’ve ever thought, “My life would be easier if the Epic Page button were closer to the top of Navigation Bar.” Now, it can be! Move and reorder the items you want to view in the Navigation Bar by dragging and dropping the feature buttons to the desired spot, no matter where you are in Clubhouse.

Customize your Navigation Bar

Hide visible items for a simplified view

Don’t use the Status Page much? Now, you can hide the any feature button you use less often! Hide the feature button in the collapsible drawer by dragging and dropping the item into the bottom drawer. Keep in mind that your Navigation Bar must have at least one visible item.

Hide feature buttons

Any updates you make to your Navigation Bar will change only your Clubhouse instance and will not create a Workspace-wide change. Any changes you make to your Navigation Bar will persist across all devices, browsers, and sessions!

If you want to learn more about the latest update check out this Help Center Article. We hope this latest enhancement keeps you organized and sparks more joy 🤗

Happy Creating!

* Marie Kondo is a tidying expert who is renowned for helping people transform their cluttered spaces to bring their lives more joy.