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Clubhouse for Android is here!

Stay in-sync with Clubhouse for Android!

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If you’re a Clubhouse user and one of the world's 2.5 billion Android users,😜 we are thrilled to share that Clubhouse for Android is now available!

Amp up your productivity and do more from the convenience of your phone with our app. Whether you're on a flight, taking a coffee break, or on your morning ride into the office, Clubhouse for Android helps you stay in-sync with your work and team, no matter where you are.

Read on to learn more about the Clubhouse for Android experience.

Access Spaces and the Stories inside them

Find saved Spaces and view the Stories in each Space. Using the Icon in the top right corner makes it a snap to filter views by Project. Scan the Owned by me Space on your morning commute for a reminder of what's on deck for the day.

View Spaces!

Track and take action on work away from your desk

Stay up-to-date on Stories using the app. Add comments, edit descriptions and move Stories between Projects to work efficiently. You can also see all Epics at once or view Epics in various states to hone in on the work you’re most interested in seeing.

View Epics organized by State

Capture ideas and collaborate on the go

Create a Story in a few easy steps to capture great ideas even when you’re away from your desk. Add other folks on your team to Stories and start collaborating on important initiatives or address an immediate need like a bug fix without missing a beat.

Create Stories on the go and add collaborators

Use the app for standups

Use the Clubhouse for Android Dashboard during standups to make it easy to provide updates. The Dashboard puts your Stories and Tasks at your fingertips meaning you can update the team, without the distraction of a laptop.

View Stories and Tasks easily using the Dashboard

Search for the Stories you need 

With the app's Search functionality, you can quickly find the Story you’re looking for and take action from wherever you are. Forget to update the team on an initiative just as you're exiting the lobby of your office? Quickly pull up the Story and leave an update without having to go back to your desk.

Search and edit Stories in a few clicks

Stay connected on the go

Banish the fear of missing out, goodbye. Get a push notification when another user comments on a Story you own or follow or @-mentions you in a Story. Clicking on the notification takes you straight to the Story so that you can dive right in and start collaborating.

Clubhouse for Android notifications

See activity throughout your organization with the Activity Feed.

Track what Stories have been started, finished, commented on and more using the Activity Feed on Clubhouse for Android. See all activity or filter to only activity where you have been mentioned.

View all Activity to stay in the loop

Download Clubhouse for Android using the button below.

As you use the app we would love to hear your feedback and bug reports to make it even better. From the app, shake your device to send us feedback, or send us an email to

With Clubhouse for Android, It’s easier to stay connected to your team and work on your tasks on the go.

Happy Creating!