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Bug reports to Clubhouse with new Instabug and Bugsee integrations


While you undoubtedly go into every new project with the hope that everyone will write perfect, clean code that runs seamlessly every time, the fact is that bugs are an unavoidable part of every engineering project.

In Clubhouse, capturing a bug Story is simple; with our bug report software, you can easily filter down to view all your bugs and even highlight those that are blocking other Stories.

video showing bug report tool

Filtering for blocker bugs in Clubhouse

Now with the introduction of Bugsee and Instabug integrations, getting those inevitable bug reports into Clubhouse has never been faster or easier.

Tracking Bug Reports with Instabug

Featuring a handy “shake and report” interface, Instabug’s mobile reporting empowers users to quickly and easily send along highly-detailed screenshots and information on bugs and crashes in your mobile app.

graphich to show manually forwarding instabug reports in Clubhouse

Click to manually forward Instabug reports.

Once received, you can review and send bug reports to Clubhouse manually or set rules about when Stories should be created and what information to include.

Reporting Bugs from Bugsee

Setting up Clubhouse in Bugsee

Bugsee offers bug and crash reporting for both mobile and web apps. After setting up Bugsee on your site or in your mobile application, you can easily integrate with Clubhouse and specify which incidents create Stories in Clubhouse.

Learn how to get started with one or both of these bug reporting tools by having a look at the articles in the Clubhouse Help Center. And if your team is looking for an easier way to capture and track bugs, check out Clubhouse!

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