Asana Alternative for Software Teams

Software teams switch from Asana to Clubhouse for its development-focused workflows, GitHub integration, reporting features, and more.

  Clubhouse Asana
Sensible workflow for software teams
GitHub integration & sync
Story dependencies & estimates
High-level planning with Epics & Milestones
Uncluttered UI, easy to learn
Built-in metrics & reporting
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Make Stand-ups Easy—
or Redundant

See the status and the progress of teams, individuals, projects, and epics. Because you need more information than just "Completed Tasks" in Asana.

Clubhouse Teams

Sync & Integrate with GitHub

Tired of asking your team to update Asana? Our GitHub integration syncs pull requests, branches, and commits to your Stories so that everything stays up-to-date, always.

Powerful Filtering

See all work across multiple projects and epics, or drill down quickly to find exactly what you want. No more getting lost in a maze of Asana tasks.

Quick Filters
Story Dialog

Everything you need, nothing you don't

Clubhouse comes with everything you need to work on a modern software project, but isn't bloated with features you'll never use.

  • Comments
  • Relationships
  • Attachments
  • Labels
  • Epics
  • Owners
  • Estimates
  • Deadlines
  • Story Types
  • Milestones

Used as an Asana Alternative by Thousands of Teams

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Pascal Bourque @bourquep 12:46 PM - 27 Jan 2017
It’s only been 3 days since we moved all our feature/bug backlogs into @clubhouse, and I already can’t see myself using any other tool. 💚
Justin Klemm‏ @justinklemm 3:17 PM - 14 Dec 2016
I’ve used lots of project management tools (Jira, Asana, Basecamp, GitHub), but never loved any of them. @clubhouse might be the winner.
Bryan Irace @irace 6:04 PM - 25 Aug 2016
Confirmed: @clubhouse is the software project planning tool I’ve always wanted but never thought would exist. Amazing work @kurt and team.
I am loving @clubhouse. Strikes a really nice balance of making a few good assumptions and not making too many about prod-dev workflow 👌
Been using Clubhouse for about a month and it’s still perfect. Yes, perfect. Best SaaS product I’ve ever used.
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