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We're built for software teams.

Our mission is to ensure software development teams can do their best work. So we created Clubhouse to provide the most intuitive and enjoyable project management platform teams actually want to use — from project planning to product creation.

2016Clubhouse launched
2,000,000+Stories completed
2,000+Active Organizations
Our product philosophy

We break down barriers so teams can focus on what matters – working together to create products their customers love.

  • Time well spent

    Your time matters. We’re here to add value to your day so you can spend your time where it counts – building software.

  • We remove the job from your work

    Remove the fog. We don’t want to be another task to complete or a tool to decipher.

  • Quietly powerful

    Let intuition be your guide. We get out of your way and fight the friction in your team’s workflow so you don’t have to.

  • Build together. Ship together.

    Software is made better together. From task completion to product launch, we celebrate team wins big and small.

Leadership Team

Meet the team leaders behind Clubhouse.
Kurt Schrader
Co-Founder & CEO

Kurt Schrader is the Co-Founder & CEO of Clubhouse. He drives the company’s vision of making work more enjoyable for software teams around the world. Prior to founding Clubhouse, Kurt was the CTO at Intent Media and helped to build engineering teams at several Fortune 500 companies. Kurt holds a BSE from the University of Michigan and enjoys spending time watching movies with his wife and teaching his 3-year-old daughter how to ice skate.

Andrew Childs
Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Andrew is responsible for providing product design direction at Clubhouse. Prior to founding Clubhouse, Andrew led the design and front-end engineering practice at Intent Media, where he saw first-hand the challenges a growing software team faces around tooling and process and the opportunities for improvement. Andrew has been designing and developing web applications for 18 years and holds a BFA in Painting from RISD.

Mitch Wainer
Chief Marketing Officer

Mitch leads Clubhouse’s marketing teams and drives our brand vision and customer growth. Prior to Clubhouse, Mitch co-founded DigitalOcean in 2012 where he lead marketing to scale revenues from $0 to $100M+ ARR with over one million activated accounts in 195 countries, and established DigitalOcean as a leading brand in a saturated cloud infrastructure market. When Mitch is not leading the marketing team at Clubhouse, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife and son.

Bridget Barrot
VP of Customer Success & Support

Bridget leads the customer success and support teams overseeing client relationships, satisfaction, and retention. Bridget has spent 15+ years working across both tech and SaaS in sales, account management, and support leadership roles. She previously worked at KAYAK where she built the client service team from 4 to 50 people in offices around the world. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and two boys and spends her weekends attending various children's sporting events.

Zach Ozer
VP of Engineering

Zach heads the engineering team building Clubhouse. Previously, Zach was Director of Engineering at Compass, leading a team of 30 engineers supporting thousands of real estate agents. Prior to that, he was Tech Lead at LongTail Video, where he built an open source web video player and a scalable video analytics platform. Zach holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and enjoys preparing gourmet meals and brewing beer.

Amar Shrivastava
VP of Finance

Amar leads the Finance team at Clubhouse. He previously was the VP of Finance at Schoology, where he was the first Finance hire and scaled the business to the fastest growing LMS in the K12 market and helped raise over $55M. He has over 20 yrs of experience leading Finance and Admin Teams at Venture Capital-backed, high growth companies. Amar holds an Executive MBA from Rutgers University and enjoys watching his two girls play tennis in his spare time.

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